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Garden Hose

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet 3/4 in. D X 50 ft. L Expandable Lightweight Garden Hose SKU: 6809263 Reg. $36.99 Sale $26.99
Save through April 30th

The expandable hose made from an exclusive biaxial braid outer shell. This seamless micromesh fabric prevents tearing so the garden hose wont tear or burst. Turn water on and watch Silver Bullet hose grow to a full size garden hose. Turn water off and Silver Bullet hose shrinks itself dry to a compact Pocket Hose. There's no winding, no coiling and no muddy wet messes. Silver Bullet has tough-grade silver connectors and no kink connector protectors that eliminate leaks. Unlike your old garden hose, Pocket Hose Silver Bullet can store easily on your shelf or in a drawer. Its super lightweight so you can move it around your garden easily.

  • Toss your old hoses away and get a Silver Bullet today.
  • Lightweight and stores easily
  • Exclusive bullet shell outer casing
  • Improved connector protector on both ends
  • No seams to tear or burst
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